GEBRUIKT Afwezig LED-display

Absen, opgericht in 2001, heeft zijn hoofdkantoor in Shenzhen en een productiebasis in Huizhou. Het heeft 18 binnenlandse en buitenlandse bedrijven in de Verenigde Staten, Duitsland, Japan, het Midden-Oosten, Rusland, Mexico en Brazilië.

De hoofdactiviteit van Absen richt zich op reclame-LED-displays, podium-LED-displays, commerciële LED-displays, conferentie-LED-displays, LED-displays voor consumenten en andere gebieden. De producten worden geëxporteerd naar meer dan 140 landen en regio's in Amerika, Europa, Australië, Azië, Afrika, enz., en momenteel zijn meer dan 50,000 projecten met succes gebruikt. Uitstekende LED-display-productbehuizingen zijn onder meer Hollywood, Disney, Universal Studios, World Cup, European Cup, NBA, New York Times Square en diverse grootschalige media-evenementen.

As famous as Unilumin LED Technology, due to its strong brand influence, LED display distributors and end customers all over the world like their LED display products very much. If you want to buy a high-quality LED screen with a limited budget, you may consider the 80% new used Absen LED solution. As a top used LED wall provider, we provide a variety of Absen stock LED screens.

Gebruikte Absen P2.9 PL Lite

  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:ICN2153MBI5252
  • Ontvangende kaart: Novastar A8s
  • Kastgrootte: 500×500
  • Geproduceerd jaar: 2018
  • Voorraad: 37.5m²
  • Used absen 2.9mm LED display

    Used Absen P2.9 D2V

  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:ICN2153
  • Ontvangende kaart: Novastar A4s plus
  • Kastgrootte: 500×500
  • Geproduceerd jaar: 2019
  • Used absen P2.9 indoor LED display

    Gebruikte Absen P2.9 PL Lite

  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:ICN2153
  • Ontvangende kaart: Novastar A4s plus
  • Kastgrootte: 500×500
  • Geproduceerd jaar: 2020
  • Voorraad: 50m²
  • USED Absen LED Display Feature

    Ultrahoge helderheid

    With a brightness of 1000 Nit, the Absen series has clearly caught the attention of the public. The high definition image quality allows for a clear display of videos, pictures, text and other information.


    With a brightness of 1000 Nit, clearly caught the attention of the public.

    Curvature optional

    Advanced internal and external curve locking system Two side locks with angles of -7.5°, -5°, -2.5°, 0°, +2.5°, +5°, 7.5°, +10° screens


    You can easily assemble a variety of creative LED displays

    Quick One man installation

    Self-locking vertical locking system for fast, easy 1-person installations with ultimate security and LED display protection

    Snelle montage

    For staged events, a simple and easy-to-construct LED display can easily solve many time

    Front & Rear service modules

    Absen LED displays use universal LED display modules, you can choose the front and rear maintenance method, according to your project needs.

    Universal LED display modules

    Front & rear serviceable with universal modules

    Stronger and accurate Cabinet

    Durable and beautiful LED display cabinet design, you can easily use the positioning pin, precise assembly of seamless LED displays

    Lichtgewicht kast

    Solid | New cabinet design, stronger and more accurate

    Beste beeldkwaliteit

    Ondersteunt de nieuwste HDR10-standaard, waardoor PL2.5 Pro en PL1.9 Pro levendige weergaveprestaties kunnen leveren.


    Support the latest HDR10 to deliver vivid display performance.

    Why Choose USED Absen DW series LED Display

    The DW series is known for being ultra-lightweight and easy to operate, including DW2.5, DW2, DW3, DW4.8, and DW4.8 XL. The DW series supports various angle changes. You can choose the curved version (adjustment range is -5° to +10°) or the 90° spliced version to help customers easily realize more creative ideas.

    The DW series adopts a reinforced safety lock design, which is convenient for one person to operate independently, and the quick installation is safer. You may be worried that the lamp bead damage caused by LED screens is often moved. Don’t worry. The used Absen LED screen adopts an anti-bump design and is fully protected, effectively avoiding direct contact between the cabinet and the ground when placed. In addition to the anti-bump design, the DW series also adopts a rotating protection corner design and a raised PCB edge protection design to make the product more durable.

    Het modulaire structuurontwerp maakt het onderhoud van modules en powerboxen handiger. Daarom is het een van de eerste keuzes voor bedrijfsactiviteiten, publieke activiteiten en studio's.

    Gebruikte Absen P3.9 binnen DW2

  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:ICN2153
  • Ontvangende kaart: Novastar A4s plus
  • Kastgrootte: 500×500
  • Geproduceerd jaar: 2020
  • Voorraad: 100m²
  • used absen 2.9mm LED display

    Gebruikte Absen P2.9 binnen DW2

  • LED: Nationstar
  • IC:ICN2153
  • Ontvangende kaart: Novastar A5s plus
  • Kastgrootte: 500×500
  • Geproduceerd jaar: 2019
  • How we control the quality of used LED displays

    Absen is a globally recognized LED display brand. They produce a large number of high quality LED displays every year, but some of them have limited usage, so why do we recycle used LED screens? If you have a limited budget, you can prioritize used Absen LED displays. We offer a large selection of high quality used Absen rental LED displays, from P2.9 LED displays, P3.91 LED displays, 500*500mm to 500mm*1000mm cabinets.See how we quality control to ensure you get the best used LED displays!

    Ontdek meer gebruikte LED-displays

    If you want to know more about used Absen LED products and related parameter information or are interested in other second-hand LED wall brands, such as USED Lightlink, USED Di Color Stock, USED Gloshine, USED Leyard, and USED Unilumin Stock, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our LED experts team are happy to help you find the best used LED screen you want to buy.


    Successful Used Absen LED screen application

    bruiloft led scherm

    Used Absen LED Video Wall For Wedding Background

    Using an Used Absen LED display as a wedding background wall can add a stunning visual element to the event.
    • Maatwerk
    • Visuele impact
    • Dynamische Content
    • Veelzijdigheid
    • Fotomogelijkheden
    • Verbeterde sfeer
    Absen X5 concert LED-display

    Used Absen LED Video Wall For Concert

    Young can use absen used LED video wall for a concert,which can greatly enhance the visual experience for both performers and audience members.

    • High-definition visuals
    • Versatility application
    • Verbeterde sponsormogelijkheden
    • Interactieve functies
    • Dynamic Stage Backdrop
    • energie-efficiëntie

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